Age: 19
Height: 175 cm
Nationality: Belgian

To say Hannes van Duysen exploded onto the scene this year would be true, but at the same time…not so true. It was hardly a surprise. 

He had, after all, won the Youth World Championships in Boulder in both 2021 and 2022. 

This year he wanted to win the Lead discipline at the YWCh, so he did. He also took a Bronze in Boulder.

In the World Cup he finished 2nd in Hachioji and 6th in Salt Lake City and he is for sure a strong contender to take one of the 20 Olympic spots for Paris 2024. Recently he won the prestigious Golden Hold invitational competition in Israel ahead of a stacked international field.
Outdoors he hasn’t been the major focus for him, but he’s still bouldered 8B+.

Instagram: @hannipan_