The La Sportiva Legends only is back!

As our winner from 2018, Alex Megos, would say:

“We don’t sleep. We wait…”

What is La Sportiva Legends Only?

In short, the La Sportiva Legends Only an invitational bouldering competition for the best of the beasts.

Five or six athletes are invited. Could be because of their accomplishments on the competition scene, on rock or something else. Honestly…it’s rarely “something else”.

The problems are very, very difficult. Often even harder than that.
Typically in the ~8B – 8C range.
This year we’re going old school…

A big difference compared to other competitions is that the athletes get to work on four of the five problems during a session two days before the competition.

Another difference is that, instead of a fixed amount of time, they each have three attempts per problem.

Except for the last problem, there is no isolation, so the athletes can watch and cheer for each other.

The competition will be live-streamed and commentated by our excellent team of Emil Abrahamsson and Sofya Yokoyama.

Even better is of course to watch the competition live at Klättercentret Akalla.

New to La Sportiva Legends Only?

Check out the history of the earlier years or just check out this awesome short documentary by Epic TV’s Relais Vertical from 2018.


Big shoutout to all of our sponsors. Without you La Sportiva Legends Only wouldn’t be possible!

The lineup!

October 2023

The fifth athlete: Hannes van Duysen

October 23rd, 2023|

Age: 19 Height: 175 cm Nationality: Belgian To say Hannes van Duysen exploded onto the scene this year would be true, but at the same time…not so true. It was hardly a surprise.  He had, after all, won the Youth World Championships in Boulder in both 2021 and 2022.  This year he wanted to win the Lead discipline at the YWCh, so he did. He also took [...]

Jongwon Chon is back!

October 13th, 2023|

Age: 27 Height: 177 cm Nationality: South Korean Jongwon Chon is a certified LEGEND! He has competed in the La Sportiva Legends Only twice, winning in 2016 and finishing 2nd in 2018. Now he is back to reclaim his title. He has five World Cup victories and has won the overall Boulder World Cup title twice, in 2015 and 2017. He won a Silver medal at the [...]

Next athlete: Will Bosi

October 9th, 2023|

Age: 24 Height: 175 cm Nationality: British Will is one of the very select few who have climbed more than one boulder problem given 9A. He has also done a couple of 8C+’s, many 8C and flashed 8B+. On lead he has done 9b’s and onsighted 8b+, and on the competition scene he has reached the World Cup finals three times. This, however, was before he took [...]

First athlete: Stefano Ghisolfi

October 3rd, 2023|

Age: 30 Height: 170 cm Nationality: Italian Stefano is one of the most accomplished sport climbers in the World. Ever. On rock he has climbed four routes graded 9b+, eight 9b’s, and heaps of 9a+’s and 9a’s. On the competition scene he has six World Cup victories and a total of 15 podiums In 2021 he took the overall World Cup title in Lead, after finishing second [...]

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