Welcome to Klättercentret - the biggest indoor climbing company in Sweden.

We opened up our first gym in Solna 2003, with a goal to create a climbing gym for everybody, beginners as well as seasoned climbers. We wanted a space that wasn’t excluding, but rather inviting – everything to welcome more people into our sport and culture.

The lift off

With the opening of Telefonplan, or K2 as we call it, in 2010 the climbing scene in Stockholm really took of.

The year after that, we hosted our first edition of La Sportiva Legends Only. Who remembers the show that a eighteen year old guy from the Czech Republic put on? Or the swinging ball? Or that crazy green double-double-dyno (then something new, nowdays a of the shelf move)?

To say that we knew what we were doing would be a lie. But then again, sometimes you need to throw it against the wall and see what sticks. And Legends Only did.

After some years with two gyms in Stockholm, we realised that it wasn’t quite enough. Queue: Akalla.

The gym in Akalla opened in September 2016 and two months later, about the same time as we opened our new gym in Malmö, it hosted its first Legends Only. The year earlier at K2 we got to see Janja Garnbret do a real breakthrough performance, and now we got to know a guy called Chon Jongwon. The year after that Shauna Coxsey managed to get on the top of the podium, joining a quite exclusive club:

Climbing gyms in Sweden
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In Malmö
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Adam Ondra
Adam OndraCzech Republic
Sean McColl
Sean McCollCanada
Chon Jongwon
Chon JongwonSouth Korea
Janja Garnbret
Janja GarnbretSlovenia
Jimmy Webb
Jimmy WebbUSA
Shauna Coxsey
Shauna CoxseyGreat Britain
Alex Megos
Alex MegosGermany

We’re not gonna bore you with the details of every year, but if you want to you can check out every edition (with video an all) right here.

The future

In 2018 we opened up our awesome new gym in Uppsala. In August 2020 we opened up in Västerås and the month after that we revealed our pop-up-gym in Gallerian, smack in the middle of downtown Stockholm.

And we’re not done. Not by far.

Early 2024 we will open up a new bouldering gym in Helsingborg and before that, well, let’s say things are gonna happen.

We’ve always aimed at developing indoor climbing and at the same time offer the best climbing experience possible. For us that means everything we offer in our gyms. The shops, the cafés, the courses, the saunas (yeah!) and of course, the climbing.

We like to think that everybody loves to climb. Everybody just don’t know it yet. You don’t begin to climb, you stop. And it’s never to late to start again.

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