La Sportiva Legends Only is an invitational redpoint bouldering competition made by Klättercentret, featuring only the best of the best in the World.

This is the 8th edition of the competition and we have a ridiculously good line-up this year. We alternate between men and women every other year and this year it’s the guys turn.

Behind the scenes of the event is Klättercentret. Swedens biggest indoor climbing company, with five gyms in three cities. 

The whole staff in Akalla is a part of the work on site, making sure everything runs smoothly. But only a handfull of persons works with the event, the way you will see it on the stream, and in these interviews we’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Route setting, project managing and the show, what does really make La Sportiva Legends Only…well, legendary?

The Comp

Eight years ago, Björn Pohl had an idea. Let’s create a bouldering competition and invite some of the strongest climbers in the world to Stockholm. And while we do it, let’s try to do it our way, with our take on bouldering.

The Show

How do you create a tight show when you’re really not sure what’s gonna happen? One way to do it is to combine the calmness of Robert Rundin with the creative stress of David Höglund. Tension & release.

The Route Setting

Daniel Olausson and Stefan Eklund, two of the four route setters, discuss how it is to set for La Sportiva Legends Only. Together with Robert Rundin and Minna Almqvist, they’re gonna spend four days building five epic problems. But how do you build a redpoint competition for some of the strongest climbers in the world?